Director Interview

Mr. Dayanand Garg

Every successful person shares one thing in common with every unsuccessful person, 24 hours in a day. The only difference is how those hours are utilized, each day, each week and each year. Taking the maximum out of every hour and every minute is a trait that has taken Mr. Dayanand, Director, and  Sargam India Electronics to the top.

The company has 34 stores in 21 years. It has received BMW from Godrej for the highest sale in the first quarter of 2011; an award from Voltas for having the highest sale for Voltas products in 2011; is the First ranker in North India in Hitachi for retail.



A very modest person, and unlike many who whitewash their humble origin, Mr. Dayanand has no hesitation in pointing out that he comes from a middle class family wherein he went through very rough days, financially and emotionally. 

Sharing details about his life, Mr. Dayanand says, “The business was established by me in 1994.Then Deepak Bansal, my nephew,came to Delhi from Sonepat in 1996, after doing his graduation in Arts, with a diploma in Pharmacy. He joined my business in 1997. Before he joined the business was totally into small wholesaling. With the passage of time, Bansal’s business acumen sharpened and his expertise evolved. He learnt, literally, on the job and developed his own way of managing stores, which helped him making successful showrooms. In 2002 we thought instead of supplying products to dealers; why not open our own showroom.” adds Mr. Dayanand. And since then, he has never looked back and now he has 34 retail outlets in the capital.”


The turning point in his business came in 2011, when Mr. Dayanand opened a showroom in Pitampura, to set up his dream showroom. “We realized that we needed to have greater store space. We then transmuted into a 12,000 sq ft showroom which was our biggest showroom and the flagship store for the group. It houses almost all electronic items under one roof. Previously, we only used to have 1800-3600 sq feet of showroom space.” shares Mr. Dayanand.

This was the successful game plan which changed the fortunes of the company which began seeing some big real turnover, “shares Mr. Dayanand.


The escalating price of real estate has impeded growth,” says Mr. Dayanand, and continues, “The high valuations make it unviable to open new stores. While remembering some of the challenges faced in his struggle story, he reminiscences, “One of the biggest challenges came when we diversified towards retail and to acquire a good property in one of the most premium market in Delhi, i.e. Pitampura, was pretty difficult, but we managed somehow.”

Another big challenge is rapid obsolescence of products. “In the digital business, if you are not managing inventory well, the same product that will make you a profit will result in a loss if it is not sold in time,” he stresses.


Mr. Dayanand feels that one should always have a goal in their life and that is what keeps the hunger for success alive in you. “My goal was to open 50 stores in Delhi and NCR and to be at the number one position. I succeeded in building 34 showrooms, now the target is to be the number one in North India. No other electronics brand has as many as showrooms as we have, especially in Delhi,” says a determined Director, Mr.Dayanand.


Expansion plans are very much on course for Sargam Electronics which has plans in place for the next five years. The company is already on the expansion modes in Delhi and the National Capital Region. It has another state-of-the-art showroom launched in Rajouri Garden similar to Pitampura showroom. Moreover, the company is also concentrating on increasing the format of the showrooms.